In 2011 we moved to Harrisville, New Hampshire. We live on the farm with our two children and two dogs, sheep, our guard dogs Thelma and Ruby. Photograph from 2014.



Sarah fought the need to work with food for a long time. While denying her true calling, she pursued other interests (riding horses); she got a masters degree (school counseling); and she fell in love (yes, with Craig). But throughout this time, she never stopped talking about food. Her favorite game on long car rides was to recite menus from great meals she’d had in the past. She never made a quick dinner, but always used every pot and pan available. Though cleaning up was never her strong suit (she has gotten neater).

Finally she accepted her fate. In 2009 she went to Bend, Oregon to study pastry with an internationally renowned teacher and baker. Since then she’s never looked back, turning out an endless array of croissants, breads, quiches, cookies and beautifully catered events.

Be sure to introduce yourself to her when you come by the farm — she’ll be the one with the apron on and flour in her hair.


Craig enjoys digging in and getting dirty. As a young child, Craig raised a small herd of dairy goats, shouldering the daily responsibilities of care and milking. He took a circuitous route back to animal husbandry, spending nearly 20 years training horses.

He takes pleasure in all aspects of farming. On any given day he can be found rounding up loose animals, fixing fences, delivering lambs, harvesting berries or apples, plowing snow, making hay or sitting on a bale of hay enjoying the quietness of the early morning.

Craig particularly enjoys the diversity of his lifestyle as a farmer, bridging the gap between farm and food and connecting eaters to the source.