Shopping local means more money stays in your community. Local food is fresher, tastes better and, according to studies, is often healthier and safer.

The Mayfair Farm store is open daily and offers a wide selection of our own lamb, pork, sausage, and maple syrup. We also sell a variety of homemade pastries and prepared foods like chicken pot pie, spinach enchiladas and bacon onion quiche. In season you'll find fruit from our orchards, Christmas trees, and holiday wreaths. Our shelves are stocked with delicious goods from other farms as well, including local eggs and honey, chicken, beef, jams, pastas, sauces, and chutneys. The farm store is also the perfect place to purchase gifts like goat’s milk soaps, lotions, cookbooks, aprons, shirts, mugs, handmade stuffed animals and more.

Simply come by the farm anytime and help yourself to freezer, fridge, and store shelves, leaving payment in the box on the honor system. And for those who can’t make the drive, we also offer a variety of Mayfair Farm products in our online shop. Your purchases support our farm, the local economy, and the environment. We look forward to serving you!



Whenever possible, please park in the upper lot and walk down to the farm store. This keeps parking space available directly outside the store for elderly and disabled customers and for deliveries to come in and shipments out.


Our farm store is self service and open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Check or cash only at this time. Small bills are greatly appreciated. .