Sustainably raised meat is full of flavor and produced humanely without destroying the environment. At Mayfair our farming focus is on raising Dorset cross lambs in the woods and on pasture, feeding them non-GMO grains. Additionally, we have two small orchards producing succulent blueberries, raspberries, apples, and pears. Stop by the farm store to purchase our products or find Mayfair goods at one of these fine establishments.



For years we raised the happiest of pigs, but during the pandemic we decided to consolidate our farm somewhat to focus on fruit and lamb production. We continue to offer pastured raised pork from other farms that do an outsanding job.


Our lambs are a Dorset cross with a touch of Suffolk for increased carcass size and a bit of Finn for increased maternal qualities. We lamb three times a year, allowing us to offer lamb throughout the year. Our lambs graze all spring and summer, resulting in tender, delicious cuts that can’t be beat. We offer whole lambs, primal cuts, or lamb by the cut.