Sustainably raised meat is full of flavor and produced humanely without destroying the environment. At Mayfair our farming focus is on raising old style pig breeds and Dorset cross lambs in the woods and on pasture, feeding them non-GMO grains. Additionally, we have two small orchards producing succulent blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, and pears. Stop by the farm store to purchase our products or find Mayfair goods at one of these fine establishments.

Our delicious ham, leg and rack of lamb are the perfect centerpiece for a holiday meal or Sunday supper. Call us at 603.827.3925 or email us today to place an order.



At Mayfair Farm, our pigs live the good life. A mix of heritage and old style breeds, our pigs enjoy year-round access to the outdoors and spend the temperate seasons pastured in our New England woodlands. There, they forage, romp, and act like pigs, eating nuts and roots they find as well as non-GMO grains raised and milled specially for us..

Raised with the highest possible regard for animal welfare* and on non-GMO grains, our pork reaches your plate without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones or gestation crates. We offer whole, half, primals, or pork by the cut.

* Our pork is rated Step Level IV by the Global Animal Partnership, an international nonprofit committed to improving the lives of millions of farm animals.


Our lambs are a Dorset cross with a touch of Suffolk for increased carcass size and a bit of Finn for increased maternal qualities. We lamb three times a year, allowing us to offer lamb throughout the year. Our lambs graze all spring and summer, resulting in tender, delicious cuts that can’t be beat. We offer whole lambs, primal cuts, or lamb by the cut.